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Connectivity in Field Services

The field services are defined as a set of applications which help the organizations of different levels, to manage work tasks of any kind that need t...

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Technology impact on Employee Experience

Randstad US and future workplace’s study point out that one who recruit and interview candidates on behalf of your company and client had noticed a tr...

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Sales tactics for Modern Business Relationship  

It is said that in sales, if you are not changing, refreshing, innovating or moving fast, you are going to fall behind and be at risk of going obsolet...

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What 2020 holds for IoT.

According to recent reports by IDC Digital transformation spending is expected to surpass $6 Trillion USD within the next four years. It is believed e...

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Stages of Digital Transformation

Richard Rohr sums it up digital transformation for us. According to him, the business world is changing so quickly that it can be difficult to keep up...

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A Perfect Combination: Blockchain and CRM

Blockchain is also known as Distribution Ledger Technology (DLT). An article published by Built-in, defines blockchain as it makes history of any digi...

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How AI fits with Big Data

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a broader concept of machine being able to carry out task in a smart manner. Machine Learning is an application of AI....

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Field Services with Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality

Over the years, movies from Star Wars to Avengers has been projecting a futuristic life. Where a file is accesses through a simple blink, swipe or mov...

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Customer Relationship Automation future of CRM

Since the 1990s, Customer Relationship Management software (CRM)  has not changed much except it has moved from on-premise system to the cloud system....

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Data Mining In CRM

As technology evolved, it made easy to collect and store huge data. Range of such collected data varies from company to company. It gets really diffic...

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