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Expand your vision for Retail with Dynamics 365/CRM


Consumers are taking charge of their shopping experience using all their preferred tools and channels to become better educated before they even engag...

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Future of Remote Work


Besides the homebound, remote work includes employees working outside the office several days a week from multiple locations, freelancers who permanen...

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Digital Transformation trends to look forward in 2020


Gartner’s article points out that “Technologies from AI to cryptocurrency and online shopping are changing how we live and what it means to be human. ...

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Connectivity in Field Services

Side view of male technician examining fusebox while holding digital tablet

The field services are defined as a set of applications which help the organizations of different levels, to manage work tasks of any kind that need t...

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Customer Relationship Automation future of CRM


Since the 1990s, Customer Relationship Management software (CRM)  has not changed much except it has moved from on-premise system to the cloud system....

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