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Dynamics 365/CRM for the Hospitality Industry

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  The hospitality industry in general and the hotel industry in particular are highly interactive and engaging – where customer-centricity litera...

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How CRM Adds value to your Small Business 


CRM Expert Paul Greenberg point out that CRM System not only helps you to you maintain your business but also grow. The CRM System can be unsettling t...

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What to Look for in a CRM Dashboard


Customer relationships are the heart and soul of any organization, whether for-profit or nonprofit. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) dashboards ...

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How to Enhance Dynamics CRM with Field Mapping


Microsoft Dynamics CRM can give sales leader and their teams a serious advantage. From their use of cloud automation to top-of-the-line security and b...

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A Perfect Combination: Blockchain and CRM


Blockchain is also known as Distribution Ledger Technology (DLT). An article published by Built-in, defines blockchain as it makes history of any digi...

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Customer Relationship Automation future of CRM


Since the 1990s, Customer Relationship Management software (CRM)  has not changed much except it has moved from on-premise system to the cloud system....

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Data Mining In CRM


As technology evolved, it made easy to collect and store huge data. Range of such collected data varies from company to company. It gets really diffic...

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Dynamics 365(CRM) vs Salesforce : Which is a better CRM? 


Microsoft Dynamics CRM  Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a customer relationship management software package developed by Microsoft. The product mainly focus...

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What does chatbots means to CRM 


  Chatbots are everywhere from buying Grocery to buying Insurance. They have really changed the way we do our business. But what does chatbots re...

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Dynamics 365 vs Zoho : A better fit 

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Dynamics 365   Microsoft Dynamics 365 is part of Microsoft family. It is a cloud-based business applications platform that combines components of CRM ...

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