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How to Enhance Dynamics CRM with Field Mapping

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM can give sales leader and their teams a serious advantage. From their use of cloud automation to top-of-the-line security and beyond, businesses can stand to gain a lot from what they have to offer. Dynamics’ integrative capabilities, though, allow sales leaders to take their CRM from great to completely transformational.

When youintroduce field mapping, your reps will be able to get the most out of their sales calls. Your leaders can also use the charting and reporting capabilities to get a better understanding of what is going on in the field.

Maps integration with Dynamics 265 CRM enable geocoding of CRM data thereby locating their latitude and longitude and their exact locations these properties can be leveraged by organizations to ad sales and service representatives and bring holistic view and improvement in their market presence.


Features of Map Integration Includes: –


  • Geocoding – it is important to geocode the data with Maps services i.e. extracts the latitude and longitude of Dynamics 365 CRM data to locate it and subsequently plot on the map with pushpins using any icon.
  • Radius search – With Map on MS Dynamics 365,Enterprises are able to look for stakeholders in a defined radius and strategize accordingly.
  • Locational Marketing – you can target locations with marketing campaigns for client acquisition and deliver quality services to existing clients.
  • Appointment Planning – Sales and Service field representatives need to be on their toes while meeting appointments and Maps helps Dynamics 365 CRM users achieve this seamlessly.
  • Territory Management– Using Maps and its rich and interactive UI, Enterprises can easily create Sales territories out of geographies.
  • Census Data– Census Data can also be plotted on map or organizations can use their own Census Data in Dynamics 365 CRM.


Field Mapping empowers Microsoft Dynamics

More Accurate Field Reporting

By way of Map My Customers, you’ll be able to collect more field activities and notes than ever before into Dynamics. Additionally, with the use of auto visits in Map My Customers, reps will be able to automatically log verified customer visits and activities that get synced back to Dynamics without them having to spend time manually entering data. That means more time selling, and less time tending to CRM.


Streamlining Field Use of Dynamics

With Map My Customers, your entire sales team can enjoy the fastest mobile CRM experience possible, while still utilizing the powerhouse that is Dynamics for backend reporting and data compliance. Our map-based interface and easy spatial filtering features enable sales reps to quickly be in the right place with the right customer at the right time – which means increased adoption and usage of Dynamics as well.


Opportunity & Territory Visualization

Breakdown your sales team’s accounts strategically by visualizing/color-coding your accounts and contacts in Dynamics by industry segments, prospect vs. client, and more. Easily distribute leads from Dynamics to your sales reps based on geographic territories defined in Map My Customers.


Route Optimization & Planning

Don’t allow your sales people to be ‘star sales reps’ – zigzagging around town wasting fuel and precious prospecting time. Use Map My Customers in combination with Dynamics to enable your reps to plan ahead and visit more customers and prospects in less time.




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