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Digital Transformation trends to look forward in 2020

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Gartner’s article points out that “Technologies from AI to cryptocurrency and online shopping are changing how we live and what it means to be human. CIOs and IT leaders must help their organizations to adapt in this changing world.”

In Recent years, businesses have had to adjust to new ways to improve their day-to- day operations. Most of the changes are related to the digital transformation. From Artificial intelligence to Block chain and to Internet of thing (IOT), the new digital technologies are having a major impact on business and it seems that the impact will only grow in 2020.

5G, AI, Advanced data analytics are among few class of technologies to be seen in 2020. Digital transformation for 2020 and beyond is set to take this transformation further and studies are predicting that the growth of technology will be bigger than ever before


Here are few digital transformation trends shaping 2020:


AI and Machine Learning

If you decide to invest in analytics you might want to take a look into AI and machine learning to be able to navigate through big data. The value of AI and Machine learning can be seen in three separate value propositions – speed, scale and convenience. With the help of AI and Machine learning can now be analyzed within fraction of time.

AI and Machine learning algorithms have gotten extremely good at data analysis thus it can be easily scaled in the cloud. The analytic tools have made them intuitive, easy to use and much more reliable. The speed and accuracy is expected to improve in 2020.


Blockchain moves beyond Crypto

In 2019, blockchain was overhyped and thus always going to be a bust in 2019. But for 2020 and years to come we will finally start to see meaningful use of block chain beyond cryptocurrency. Amazon Web services democratizing blockchain technology with their subscription based blockchain-as a service platform.

Global leaders like Microsoft, IBM, Samsung are exploring Blockchain. We are beginning to see real use cases for technology beyond payments and cryptocurrencies. We could say that 2020 could be the start of rise of actual Blockchain.



IoT as an engine of Digital tech growth

Technologies like advanced analytics, 5G, Sensor tech and edge computing are among other technologies that IoT’s helps with. The big data that would come from smart devices, companies are feverishly working on analytics system- centered on AI and Machine Learning. to make sense out of the reams of data that is being recorded, and creating actionable insights out of it.

Because companies are going to want those insights in real-time, or as close to it as possible, communications firms need to develop networks that will quickly and efficiently move large amounts of data in as little time as possible – hence the rush to build out 5G networks. And, with IoT devices deployed everywhere, firms may find it more efficient to process data elsewhere than on the central server – hence the growing development of edge computing systems.



Increased Speed

Although WiFi 6 and 5G are completely different technologies, both will be bringing us much faster processing and wireless connection speeds in 2020. 5G and WiFi 6 working in concert will create the perfect end-to-end combination of ultra-fast connectivity for home and office.

Two main reasons for high speed internet is- the first is that the number of connected devices on the average WiFi network is expected to grow from roughly 10 now to 50 over the next few years, and that increase will require a faster, more efficient, and smarter WiFi capabilities. The second reason is that the quality and volume of data consumed through WiFi networks are both increasing as well, and WiFi 5 can’t handle the load all that well. WiFi 6 will eliminate these pain points beginning in 2020.


Data-Driven Business

Unlocking and analyzing data is at the heart of digital transformation. Businesses are putting their data to work to improve customer experiences, streamline operations, and quickly launch new products and services.

Companies are putting data to work to improve customer service, streamline operations and innovate at speed. Removing friction and movement of resources is directly influenced by how companies can leverage data to develop their anticipatory muscles.




Hyper automation, meaning the application of advanced technologies like AI and ML to automate processes and augment humans across a range of tools and at a higher level of sophistication. Gartner named hyper automation one of its top ten strategic technology trends in 2020.

The goal, says Gartner, is more AI-driven decision-making, with many organizations creating a digital twin of themselves, which enables them to “visualize how functions, processes, and key performance indicators interact to drive value.”


Companies who can keep up with the evolution of technology will thrive in a modern marketplace, while those who aren’t making the most of their digital investment will struggle get ahead.

For 2020 and years to come, more mature foundational technologies will continue to find themselves at the center of most digital transformation initiatives, especially in the enterprise.

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