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Should Small and Medium business prioritize cloud in 2020

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Businesses of all sizes can benefit from migration to cloud. Small business and medium business (SME) are the backbone of any country’s economy. They serve as an engine for growth and innovation. Business owners are continuously searching for ways through which their profits can be maximized without compromising on quality, cost and efficiency. The cloud provides a platform to meet such requirements.

Revolution and innovation in the cloud provides an opportunity for SEM’s to grow. It allows SME’s to adopt the smarter computing techniques. Moving to the cloud helps SMEs remain relevant in the ever-changing market, achieve desires enterprise class and access customer class functions without significant capital expenditure.

The cloud technology is continuously evolving, the impact it has on increasing efficiency of business cannot be emphasized enough.


Ease of Collaboration

In today’s world, employees are located in different locations. With Cloud – data is centrally maintained. The physical distance does not hamper efficiency. Increase in interconnection within your company – leading to better efficiency.

The data is housed over the cloud network, each employee can take over the task, right from preceding employee left. This also enhance collaborations and coordination between employees that can be assets for a small entity with limited number of skilled workers.



Security breaches are public threat that every company deals with. SMEs have pressure to establish goodwill in the market and stand out, to flourish. In the start, it is essential for SMEs to develop a sense of reliability in its customers.

Cloud technology is one such step that fortifies the security levels of the company’s data. In The cloud, it is the experts who take command of your data to encrypt and secure them from the reach of hackers.

Cloud not only protects your data, but also back up your data from any possible data disaster. So, no worry for a crashed server or a broken system. Data security and disaster management can assure you and you can concentrate on your core work, while your service provider can take care of the safety of your business information.


Integration and standardization

Cloud bases solutions have been instilling common standard in various digital aspects such as application interface, data format and within the authentication and identifications processes.

This standardized integration allows small businesses with advanced solution options and choose the ones that are optimal for their functions.

The increasing number of integrating services on the cloud will only further unlock the limitless opportunities and the business potential for enterprises.



it is much quicker and cost effective to scale up or down over a cloud solution. To scale up, the IT department will simply create as many number or new users over the cloud network. Similarly, when an employee leaves the organization, the user will simply be removed or deleted from the cloud, after securing the data.

Even if the cloud solution is outsourced, the only cost of up scaling will be an additional fee for each new user. Similarly, if a small business wants to avail a new productivity software from the CSP, it can be commissioned within a few minutes just by paying a nominal usage fee.



 Cloud Technology is ideal for the organizations who are growing or have future expansion plans. Use as per your current requirement, if your business need will increase in future, then you can scale up. As many of the cloud service providers have pay per subscription based model, and they initially allow you to use it for free for few days, you can access all the modules, and can later decide which one is useful for your business.

You can subscribe to useful modules and can unsubscribe others. Pay only for what you use. This level of agility provides SMEs a real competitive advantage. No need for any software or hardware installation. Flexibility is one of the core reason why many companies are preferring cloud solutions for their business.



Cloud solutions are more reliable than traditional software. There is no upfront cost, zero investment, very less maintenance cost and highly secure. One of the most important features which makes cloud systems more reliable that automatic software updates. There is no fear of staying one step back from latest technologies, as the solution will take all the updates automatically.


The gain of technological innovation

Big tech companies and solutions providers have also increasingly integrating all their offerings with cloud-bases solutions while some tech start-ups are skipping on premise system altogether and going straight to cloud.

SO, for CRMs, ERPs and every other kind of enterprise technology software the future integrations will at least partially be on the cloud and it is only prudent for small business to get on board.

Cloud Solutions clearly offers an advantage to SME’s owners. They let you take care of your vision and core business, while rest everything you can leave up to the cloud platform. With the scalability and flexibility of cloud solutions you can quickly move forward by taking competitive advantages.


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